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Guest Feedback made easy with included CSI.

Everything is automatic and you get access to the data in-real time. Find out how you can improve your guests stays with our easy to read results with included CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

By the way, our service is free if you have an Examinare Survey Tool account.

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Step 1:

You staff enters the guest details, the satisfaction survey is scheduled to be sent according to your setup configuration.

Step 2:

Your guest fills out your tailor-made survey form, Stay Evaluator analyses the result and you can check it inside Stay Evaluator.

Step 3:

Act on your results and get help from the team of professionals inside Stay Evaluator. Stay Evaluator is a part of Examinare, a survey company with over 10 years experience within data analysis and action plans.

But wait. There is more.

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Stay Evaluator has multi-language functionalities

Stay Evaluator has the ability to send Guest follow up surveys in over 21 languages. If you do not have the language ability of the languages you want to ask in, then we can help you with localization and translation. Check out our Pro Packages.

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Stay Evaluator is automatic with low-maintenance.

Stay Evaluator relies on the principle “Set-and-Forget”. The checkout form for your reception is built to be fast, checkout form will take less than 20 seconds to fill out. This makes it a really easy way of part of your checkout process.

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Stay Evaluator is free-ish.

Stay Evaluator is included with Examinare Survey Tool. You will need an Examinare Business+ or Unlimited account to be enabled to use Stay Evaluator. We support your administrative users by Email, Support chat and Phone. If you also need a fast setup and translations, then check out our Pro Packages for all your needs.

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Stayevaluator.com is free(ish) with phone support.

This service is totally free but needs Examinare Survey Tool to work. Fear not because Examinare are here to help you. You will get 1 week absolutely for free and after that week you will know if our program is for you. Contact Examinare to get help to start using this service.

The 1 week trial comes with no obligations whatsoever.

Contact Examinare to get started, the first week is totally free.

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This is how the pro packages work.

1. Phone meeting and project start.

We do a phone interview in English with your General Manager about your future needs and what makes your establishment unique.

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2. We make a survey draft especially for your establishment.

Our survey professionals will construct the questions for you.

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3. We setup your Stay Evaluator account for you.

After approval of the final survey questions we will assist with the configuration of your Stay Evaluator account.

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